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Online Marketing Japan (the name under which I operate) focuses on e-commerce solutions and reaching Japanese online market through: Japan SEM - SEO and PPC, Japan social media marketing, translation, email campaigns, conversion improvement and total website management.

This means that your site will get more qualified traffic, higher rankings and will generate more leads and / or sales on the Japanese market.

  • Professional online marketing support
  • Free conversion audit
  • Qualified team of online professionals
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    Site development / translation

    Don't have a site in Japanese? Need to proof your Japanese site and tune it for the Japanese market? Let us help you take your merchandise online.

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    Online marketing consulting

    Japan is a large market but alsoLet us help you adjust your site to the realities and intricacies of the Japanese market.


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    SEO is an integral part of promotion online marketing effort on the Japanese market. We work with very best in the business to help you optimize your site for the Japanese web.

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    Japanese social media

    We offer social media marketing on the Japanese market - run by Japanese nationals. With certain industries and niches social media can prove an excellent way to market your services on the Japanese market.

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    Adwords / PPC

    We offer complete coverage of Japanese web PPC campaigns - including both Google and Yahoo (still popular in Japan). .

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    Conversion improvement

    Japan-Internet_Marketing will help you adjust your site for maximum conversion. Small changes often result in great increases in performance.

Conversion - Premium Landing Page

Online marketing landscape in Japan?

No, Google is not the dominant search platform and Facebook is not the social website with the broadest reach in Japan. Here are a few interesting facts about online landscape in Japan :

Japan is the world’s leading digital society

90% of households have Internet access

The penetration rate of social media in Japan is 21%

Japan accounts for the 3rd most bloggers in the world with 4.9%.

As of April 2011, Mixi ranks as the most popular social network site with over 23 million subscribers and 80% of the social media market share.

By some estimates, as much as 40% of Japanese blogging is done on mobile phones. Unlike many of their Western counterparts, many bloggers in Japan shy away from politics, controversy, and barbed language. Compared with Americans, they write at less length, they write anonymously, and they write a whole lot more often.

Twitter was launched in 2006 and has been embraced far more rapidly by the Japanese mainstream as compared to the likes of Facebook,MySpace, and eBay. According to studies, 16.3 percent of Japanese web users tweet, as opposed to just 9.8 percent in the U.S. . Japan moved 3 places from 6th in 2010 to becoming the 3rd in the world for total Twitter usage in 2012 .

75% of Social Networking Sites accessed solely from Mobile

Search Engine Watch reported at the beginning of 2011 that Yahoo held around 56% market share in Japan with Google holding around 31% and Rakuten around 2.3%.

Nearly all Japanese Internet users shop online - the country has an online shopping penetration rate of 97%.

More so than anyone else in Asia, the Japanese prefer paying for goods online with their credit cards over any other form of payment method, with 70% of them saying that was the case.

Online retailing has a stronger presence in Japan than elsewhere in the region with 73.7% reach. They are also one of the region's top spenders on online overseas products, with Japanese internet users spending on average US$1,827 on international shopping sites.


About Japan-Internet-Marketing

Lets face it: Marketing in Japan can not only be confusing (like - flying blind) but also terribly slow and expensive. Often working with a Japan-based marketing can be a real nightmare - I know as I worked in one. Before you know it, your budget can be spent and no to little results to show for it. In other words: the problem lies in communication, cost and effectiveness. Not the best mix if you want your product to succeed on the Japanese market.

This is wht Japan-Internet-Marketing is a private initiative. I am personally supervising each and every onaline marketing. Throughout my career (both with an agency and as an independant consultant) I had helped numerous companies and entrepreneurs maximize their online results on the Japanese market. Online marketing in Japan is not only a great way of generating profit and awareness for your company but a great way of entering, testing and finally tapping into this top-tier economy.

I work with an established network of specialists (all native Japanese of course). This way the strategies and tactics that are right for your company are handled by experts in that particular area.

I invite you to contact me and to start your online marketing initiative in Japan - the right way.

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About me:

I am a freelance online marketing expert / consultant with solid expertise and understanding of online marketing: SEO, SEM, affiliate management, increasing the sites conversion and lead generation, online brand exposure as well as other.


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